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Bedrock Automation joins ISA Security Compliance Institute to support the ISASecure® Cyber Security Conformance Scheme

Bedrock Automation joins ISA Security Compliance Institute
to support the ISASecure® Cyber Security Conformance Scheme

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA (21 July 2015) –  Bedrock Automation announced today its membership with the ISA Security Compliance Institute.  Bedrock is the latest in a growing number of companies to support the ISASecure® Cyber Security Conformance Scheme.

Bedrock has developed a next-generation industrial control system with a revolutionary electromagnetic backplane architecture and deeply embedded cyber security.

Bedrock’s solution includes layers of patented communication and silicon technologies that result in unprecedented power and flexibility. Software-configured universal analog and discrete I/O with unmatched accuracy and speed provide users the technology to command their process applications. 

Bedrock's unique platform provides unparalleled and integral safety and reliability. It starts with redundant controllers running a SIL-certified RTOS, redundant smart power supplies and single/dual/triple I/O. All system modules interconnect on a patented electromagnetic backplane, a never-before-seen technology that eliminates I/O pins, providing a new level of reliability, availability and performance.

Bedrock's solution enables transparent instant cyber security that provides 24/7 protection. Traditional industrial control systems are vulnerable to multiple forms of cyber attack, IP and counterfeiting theft. Black Fabric™ Cybershield is Bedrock's embedded deep trust cyber defense using patented processor, memory, communications, interconnections, backplane and packaging technologies to integrate cyber security into every module.

Bedrock Automation provides support for both applications and security. Through a growing network of world-class system integrators and automation solution providers, complete system application and project management are available.

“Bedrock is looking forward to engaging actively in ISASecure’s efforts to provide security best practices and compliance to automation,” said Albert Rooyakkers, Bedrock CTO, VP Engineering.

“Bedrock’s control system represents the future paradigm for cyber security,” stated Andre Ristaino, ISCI Managing Director. “We are pleased to include Bedrock as a new supporter of ISASecure and look forward to certifying this exciting new control system.”

About Bedrock Automation
Bedrock Automation, based in San Jose, California, is the maker of Bedrock™, the world’s most powerful and cyber secure automation platform. This Silicon Valley company has assembled the latest technologies and talents from both the automation and semiconductor industries to build an unprecedented automation solution for industrial control based on three prime directives—simplicity, scalability and security.  The result is a system with a revolutionary electromagnetic backplane architecture and deeply embedded cyber security, which delivers the highest levels of system performance, industrial cyber security and reliability at the lowest cost of ownership.

For more information about the Bedrock revolution, download the first white paper in our series: Revolution – Chapter One: The Backplane. For more information about Bedrock Automation, visit

Media Contacts:
John Nero - Tiziani Whitmyre,;  781-793-9380.
Rob Bergman - Bedrock Automation,; 626-824-0404.

About the ISA Security Compliance Institute (ISCI)
Founded in 2007, the ISA Security Compliance Institute’s mission is to provide the highest level of assurance possible for the cyber security of industrial automation control systems (IACS).

The Institute was established by thought leaders from major organizations in the industrial automation controls community seeking to improve the cyber security posture of Critical Infrastructure for generations to come. ISCI Members include Chevron, ExxonMobil, Aramco Services, Honeywell, Invensys (now Schneider Electric), Yokogawa, exida, Codenomicon, CSSC, and IPA-Japan.

The Institute’s goals are realized through industry standards compliance programs, education, technical support, and improvements in suppliers’ development processes and users’ life cycle management practices. The ISASecure® designation ensures that IACS products conform to industry consensus cyber security standards such as ISA/ IEC 62443, providing confidence to users of ISASecure products and systems and creating product differentiation for suppliers conforming to the ISASecure specification.

ISASecure® is a registered trademark of the ISA Security Compliance Institute.

ISCI press contacts:

Andre Ristaino

Michael Brazda