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Membership Categories

Strategic member

Strategic members set the strategy, direction, and budgets for the ISASecure program and serve on the ISASecure Governing Board. Strategic members enjoy the benefits of all other membership categories including participation and voting rights for technical specification development on the ISASecure technical steering committee (TSC) and participating in ISASecure marketing activities.

Technical member

Technical members are members of the TSC where they participate in the certification specification development process and may vote on certification specifications. They may also participate in ISASecure marketing activities. TSC membership provides a forum for feedback from ISASecure certification operations and members have the ability to vote on proposed program policies, changes, and improvements. End users, suppliers, certification bodies, tool providers, cloud providers, and others may participate as technical members.

Supporter member

This category allows members to review and comment on specification development but carries no voting rights. Supporter members receive updates in advance of public announcements. The purpose of this category is to allow some level of technical participation, inclusion in marketing activities, and to enable members to show support for the ISASecure mission.

Government member

This membership category is for government agencies from any country. It allows government agencies to participate in technical forums and show public support for the ISASecure mission. Government members may not sit on the Governing Board and have no voting rights in technical committee ballots.

Associate member

This membership category is for non-governmental organizations who are not suppliers or end users. It allows organizations to show public support for the ISASecure mission. They can participate in technical forums but cannot vote on technical ballots. This category would be attractive to industry groups (NERC and ACC in the USA are examples).

How to Apply

Download and complete the application form or fill out the form below to schedule a call with us and get help filling out the membership form.