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ISA / IEC 62443: A Force Driving the Merger of IT and OT Technologies

Spurred on by 62443’s security requirements, Operational Technologies (OT) are rapidly adopting lessons learned and proven technologies from the Information Technology (IT) space. The need to increase the security posture of OT devices and software requires the adoption of IT technologies to help asset owners protect their investments, product, and employees.
We’ll look at how this process has already started with the use of secure OT protocols and IT based authentication and authorization protocols, how the Industrial Internet of Things is pushing forward solutions to big IT security challenges, and how with a little communication, the IT and OT professionals can work together to reduce the attack surface of both domains.



Robert LembreeSenior Cybersecurity Architect

Rob has worked on securing connected embedded devices in a number of industries such as home-based subscription television, mobile handsets and cloud- based services prior to applying his efforts toward industrial automation. He brings a distinctly IT approach to industrial cybersecurity and is excited by the opportunity to solve a whole new set of challenges.

David SmithCybersecurity Architect

David has worked in industrial automation for over 10 years, as a developer implementing communications devices for PLCs and as a security architect has focused on secure protocols. David has been active in ODVA and promoting secure protocols and has recently been working on the FLC initiative within the OPC Foundation.