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ISA / IEC 62443-4-2: What's New in 4-2?

This webinar will provide an introduction to the ISA-62443-4-2 standard including how it is related to ISA-62443-3-3. ISA-62443-4-2 defines the technical cyber security requirements for components that make up control systems as described in ISA-62443-3-3. An overview of component types will be given along with an overview of additional technical requirements that are part of the newer standard. Following the introduction to ISA-62443-4-2 an overview of the certification program from the ISASecure Program will be given.



Kevin StaggsSenior Engineering FellowHoneywell

Kevin is a 42 year employee of Honeywell. He has 37 years of experience in the engineering of control systems as either a hardware, software or systems engineer. In 2010 Kevin joined the Advanced Technology Labs of Honeywell as a Cyber Security Research Engineer. Over the past several years Kevin has been a consultant to Honeywell’s global process development organization to incorporate cyber security activities into Honeywell’s development processes. In his previous assignment with Honeywell Process Solutions he was a member of the Global Architecture Team and one of his responsibilities was the security architecture of all of Honeywell Process Solutions products. He was also responsible for defining the security processes and architectural methodology so that all HPS products are designed for security. Kevin has been involved in system cyber security since Honeywell first introduced open system platform based products. He was the lead system engineer and architect for Honeywell’s HP-UX based UxS product which was introduced in the early 1990s. He defined the original high security, least privilege model which was deployed as part of Honeywell’s TPS system in 1996. In addition to his corporate responsibilities, Kevin is also co-chair of ISA SP99 Working Group 4 which is defining technical security requirements of Industrial and Automation Control Systems and he is the previous Technical Chairman of the ISA Security Compliance Institute. Kevin is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional, Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional and Certified Cloud Security Professional