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Adressing Smart Building Cybersecurity with ISA/IEC 62443

In this webinar you will learn how the IEC 62443 family of standards, while initially developed for Industrial Controls, can be equally applied to Smart Buildings.
We will cover the makeup of the IEC 62443 family of standards and the basic technical requirements as they apply to different levels of system architectures commonly used in Smart Buildings.
You will learn how each of the defined groups of Foundational Requirements (FRs) are important to the protection of these “at risk” environments.
Finally, we will explain how ISA Secure Certifications simplifies IEC 62443 compliance, providing an easy way to recognize the maturity level of a supplier’s processes, products, and systems. 

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Jon Williamson (Director, Cyber Experience, Johnson Controls)
Jon Williamson is the Director of Cyber Experience for Building Technologies & Solutions at Johnson Controls, a global diversified technology and multi industrial leader serving a wide range of customers in more than 150 countries. He has a diverse background with over 25 years’ experience in operational technology, as an integrator, a product manager and a technology officer. As the Director of Cyber Experience, Jon is dedicated to driving the customer focused cyber experience with cybersecurity solutions to meet the evolving need for protecting the systems that run their building

View the Webinar Here

View the Slides Here