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What does the ISA Security Compliance Institute do?
Who owns the ISA Security Compliance Institute?
Are ISA Members automatically members of the Institute?
Isn’t the ISA Security Compliance Institute duplicating the efforts of the ISA99 Standards Committee?
Is the Institute ensuring conformance to the ISA99 Standards only or will the ISASecure designation include requirements from other sources?
Why are the Institute’s membership fees so much higher than ISA’s membership fees?
Why do users have to pay a membership fee?
Will the Institute build testing labs to perform ISASecure device conformance testing?
How much will it cost to have a device / system tested for ISASecure conformance?
How long will it take to have a device tested?
Who owns the ISASecure specification?
Who determines what goes into the ISASecure specification and how?
How do you ensure that the efforts of the ISA99 Standards Committee are properly considered in the ISASecure program and how will the Institute provide marketplace feedback to the ISA99 Standards Committee?
Does the Institute use a RAND policy or do all member contributions to the specification become the property of the Institute royalty free?
Will suppliers have to pay a royalty to use the ISASecure specification?
Will the ISASecure specification be published and available for free like the ISA Standards?
Will the Institute assure suppliers confidentiality of product submissions and test results?
Can a non-member submit a product for conformance testing and receive a valid ISASecure designation?
Can a non-member, or member for that matter, build product that conforms to the ISASecure specification and publicly claim the product is ISASecure without the Institute testing it?
How are compliant products tracked and identified?
What will trigger the need to re-test a product that is already ISASecure compliant?
How will the marketplace know that a supplier’s product has earned the ISASecure designation?
Is the ISASecure designation limited to process industries?
How are you promoting the ISASecure program?
Which companies have joined the ISA Security Compliance Institute so far?
Is the ISASecure program for the United States only or is it an international program?
Are you working with other international standards organizations or other certification authorities?