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The ISA Security Compliance Institute functions as an interest area group within the Automation Standards Compliance Institute (ASCI) according to ASCI bylaws and articles of incorporation.

ASCI is a not-for-profit 501 (c) (6) organization incorporated by ISA in 2006 to provide a home for certification, conformance, and compliance assessment activities in the automation arena.

ASCI extends the work that ISA has done for 50 years in standards development by facilitating the effective implementation of automation industry standards. ISA provides professional management services to ASCI drawing on the extensive staffing, financial, and administrative infrastructure.

ISCI is led by a Governing Board comprised of a balance of asset owners, suppliers and, other stakeholders:

ISCI Governing Board 

  1. Chairman – Kenny Mesker, Chevron
  2. Vice-chairman – James Hobbs, ExxonMobil Research & Engineering
  3. Technical Chairman – Kevin Staggs, Honeywell
  4. Dan Desruisseaux – Marketing Chairman, Schneider Electric


A Technical Steering Committee oversees, reviews, and votes upon work products developed by Working Groups formed to undertake specific tasks.  The Technical Steering Committee is comprised of all voting ISCI members.

A Managing Director provides business continuity to ISCI including administrative support, membership services, accounting, legal and contract management.

The institute is governed and operated according to ASCI Policies and Procedures approved by the ASCI Board of Directors and amended from time to time as necessary. 

ASCI Documents

ASCI Policies and Procedures 21 Dec 2011 View PDF
ASCI Articles of Incorporation View PDF
ASCI Bylaws View PDF
ASCI Membership Terms and Conditions View PDF
ASCI Patent Rules and Letter of Assurance View PDF