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Membership Information

How to Become a Member

Interested organizations may join at any time. Membership application forms, showing member fees and mailing instructions.

Membership Categories

Strategic member – board participation and voting rights as well as voting rights on technical ballots

Technical member – includes all membership rights such as participation in technical forums and voting rights on technical ballots.  Membership fee schedule is a sliding scale based on size of organization.  Historically, ISASecure tool providers and chartered labs have participated as technical members.  It provides a forum for ISASecure program feedback from certification operations along with the ability to vote on the proposed changes and improvements.

Supporter member – this membership category carries no voting rights.  Supporter members receive updates in advance of public announcements.  The purpose of this category is primarily to show support for ISCI’s mission.

Government member – This membership category is for government agencies from any country who want to support the mission of ISCI.  It allows government agencies to participate in technical forums and show public support for the mission of ISASecure.  However, it carries no voting rights at the board level or in technical committee ballots.

Associate member – This membership category is for non-governmental organizations who are not suppliers or users.  It allows the organization to show public support for the ISASecure mission. However, associate members cannot participate or vote at the board level.  They can participate in technical forums but cannot vote on technical ballots.  Many organizations such as industry groups (NERC and ACC in the USA are examples) want to participate / support the overall ISASecure mission but don’t want the liability that accompanies voting or board level participation.